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Sigil: City of Doors

Heya cutter, you got the smell of a new arrival, ye do. Pull up a chair and let me give ye the chant. Here in Sigil life is… well it ain’t boring now innit? Unless yer from one of the backwater worlds of the multiverse, then it’s like as not to make ye take leave of yer senses and go full nutter. Seen it happen, I have.

There are berks from every corner of every plane. We have the usual culprits from the primes, that would be the material planes, like yers. The dwarves, elves, halflings, and humans ain’t the type to turn heads; but we also got the berks from the realms of ideas: devils, fiends, angels, mechanical bashers from realms of pure order right beside ‘em. Sigil, she’s the mixing pot fer the planes, and that is too much fer some of them what accidentally find her.

City of Doors, the Cage, all names fer Sigil, and all explain why she is what she is. Doors she has, everywhere. More portals than anyone could ever count, going every place in creation. It draws all these blighters here, and traps some of them. Doors she has aplenty, but each of ’em needs a special key. No key, and a portal might just be a door into a tavern or an archway leading to an alley. Bring the right key though, and ye could find yerself in the Nine Hells, Bytopia, or any prime world in the multiverse. Makes fer a brisk trade in information.

What’s that, why ain’t the berks here all killing one another? Well that would be the Lady of Pain. Shhhh… not so loud, it ain’t healthy to speak her name so loud. She’s the peace of Sigil and those what oppose her or make too many ripples are like to find themselves sealed away forever in a pocket dimension, one of her mazes, or simply written out of existence. She don’t ever speak, and no one knows her mind. My advice to ye cutter is to stay beneath her notice, and fer pike’s sake, stay away from the dabus. Them’s the green blighters who are constantly repairing and remaking the city. She don’t take kindly to those what meddle with them.

There are a whole mess of other folks what got their own designs; factions throughout the city are always looking for new blood. Don’t have the time fer it myself. Always vying against each other, they are. Just don’t get caught between if you get my drift. Well cutter, wish ye well, welcome to the multiverse. Try not to get lost.

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